Firehouse History: Then

Firehouse Insurance originated in the historic Firehouse and Police Station our local hero’s called home in 1924. Previously labeled as “Dale Park Fire Station”, the firemen protected and served this community. The First Responders of Dale Park quickly outgrew the space, and began construction on a whole new building in the 1940’s. The old Firehouse on Oak Street that everyone knew and loved switched ownership, and went through major renovation in the 1970’s. The renovations consisted of converting the fully operational Firehouse into an office space. The office space has been utilized from the 1970’s to present day. Various companies upheld the integrity of the historic space while conducting business. Currently the space is utilized by the Firehouse Insurance Team.

Firehouse History: Now

The story behind how “Firehouse Insurance” came about is an interesting one. The Firehouse Insurance founders were looking for different spaces all throughout Cincinnati. Mariemont was on top of the list of “new spaces” they could call home. The team fell in love with the tight knit community of Mariemont and the beautiful architecture the Old Town Center had to offer. The values Firehouse Insurance had instilled in the business fell in line with what the old Dale Park Station had to offer. Upholding honesty and integrity with all of your business and personal insurance needs, our goal is to be your forever agency. Our team has over 20 years of combined insurance experience and are committed to being a source of comfort on the days you need insurance the most.